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WhatGives is dedicated to the healing and restoration of the Pinellas community.

WhatGives? Newsletter

Fall 2022, Volume 4

Collaboration Is in Our DNA

Collaboration is in Pinellas Community Foundation’s DNA. The stories in the 2021 annual report demonstrate how collective strength, commitment, and engagement are critical to our success, both as a foundation and as members of the community.

PCF Helps Administer $19M ARPA Nonprofit Capital Fund

Pinellas County nonprofits are getting a $19 million boost for their capital needs from the Pinellas County government as part of the federal American Rescue Plan Act. The funds, administered by PCF in collaboration with the county, offer relief for nonprofits recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting Education and Philanthropy Through PCF-Partnered Scholarships

With partnerships between the Pinellas Community Foundation and local universities, starting a charitable scholarship is easier than ever.

Project Prosper: Empowering Immigrants and Refugees With Financial Literacy and Inclusion

Project Prosper offers programs to immigrants and refugees in the Tampa Bay area to help them navigate the U.S. financial system to achieve stability and self-sufficiency.

Pinellas Community Foundation in Tarpon Springs: Putting the “Art” in Partnership

From museums to education, Pinellas Community Foundation’s dedication to arts and culture is evident in its Tarpon Springs partnerships.

Tampa Bay Watch ─ Healthy Bay, Healthy Community

Tampa Bay Watch provides habitat for important wildlife and improves quality of our waters and the environment in which we live, work, and play.

Giving to Humanity: PCF Membership Program Is Philanthropy Without Barriers

As a Giving to Humanity member, your gift will combine with other members’ gifts to help charities better care for those they serve. Plus, PCF matches your donations dollar for dollar, and 100% of member gifts go to grant recipients in the donation year. Start your membership today!

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