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WhatGives is dedicated to the healing and restoration of the Pinellas community.

WhatGives? Newsletter

Winter 2023/2024, Volume 5

What Is Next Generation Philanthropy?

The stories in the 2022 annual report, What Is Next Generation Philanthropy?, underscore the power of creating positive change through the collaborative efforts of the community.

Homeless Leadership Alliance Relocates Mobile Home Residents With $250K ARPA Funds Through PCF and the City of Clearwater

The 5 Years Faster initiative, powered by American Rescue Plan Act funding through the City of Clearwater, played a pivotal role in enabling the Homeless Leadership Alliance (HLA) to execute a remarkable relocation project. In a mere 90 days, HLA successfully relocated 38 families displaced by the mobile home park closure.

Showcasing Impact: Countywide Tour Highlights Nonprofits

Pinellas Community Foundation staff, board, and community partners visited six nonprofit organizations across Pinellas County during the first Operating Grants Bus Tour.

Donor Spotlight: Deborah Schuler

Deborah Schuler partners with Pinellas Community Foundation to ensure her donations support the greatest needs in our community.

WK Preservation Group Steadfast Toward Environmental Stewardship Goal With $1.5 Million From Pinellas County

WK Preservation Group has reached a landmark milestone in its effort to save the West Klosterman Preserve, home to many of Florida’s native plants and wildlife, from development and preserve it for future generations. However, help is still needed.

Qualified Charitable Distribution

QCDs are a great way to support the issues you care about and avoid tax penalties. Transferring directly from an IRA to a qualified charity, such as Pinellas Community Foundation, counts toward your required minimum distribution from your retirement savings account and is not reportable as income. PCF can work with you to design a personalized plan to help your favorite charities, avoid capital gains, bunch donations in specific years, and save on income taxes. When considering your legacy, future generations, and the community you love, please consider Pinellas Community Foundation as your partner.

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