Fund Directory

Thanks to generous donors like you, more than 130 charitable organizations and 12 scholarship funds benefit from annual support provided through the Pinellas Community Foundation.

Funds of Pinellas Community Foundation

A – C

Irma L. Abberton Fund

Edith King Pierce Archer Fund

Glenn and Carol Arthur Field of Interest Fund

Phyllis E. Bailey Memorial Fund

Charles and Ollie Belt Fund

Ernest and Carol Benedict Fund

Thomasene Bennett Fund

Bollenback Philanthropic Fund

Warren J. Bowman Memorial Scholarship Fund

John A. Brady Fund

Tom Bruckman Operating Expense Fund

Ruth Burgett Fund

William P. Bushnell Fund

Joseph A. Clapp Fund

James Patrick Corcoran Fund

Emery O. and Lucille C. Cormier Fund

D – H

Clara K. Dalzell Fund

Robert and Martha Eifert Memorial Loan Fund

Carl L. and Ruth A. Engelhardt Fund

Faith Mission Christian Field of Interest Fund

Michael Fields Memorial Fund

John S. Flint Field of Interest Fund

George E. Franchere Fund

Earl and Dorothy A Frazell Memorial Fund

Elizabeth B. Gordon Fund

Mario E. Granata Fund

Edith B. Green Fund

Cathleen W. Grant Field of Interest Fund (Environmental Protection)

Cathleen W. Grant Field of Interest Fund (Public Communications)

Joy Anne Harris Scholarship Fund

Mary K. Haworth Fund

Earnest Boyd Hendrix and Roxea Udell Hendrix Fund

Dorothy B. Howard Fund

Janet A. Huntley Music and Arts Public Education  Fund

I – P

I’M LOGAN IT Foundation

William R. Kane Fund

Harriett Kelso Fund

Betty P. Kessler Fund

Edna A. Klauser Fund

Walter Leahy – Clearwater Breakfast Sertoma Fund

Costas G. Lemonopoulos Scholarship Fund

Catherine M. Lerenman Fund

George W. Linker Fund

Shirley J. Magie Fund

Patricia S. McGiverin Fund

Howard McGlason Fund

Judith A. McLeod Philanthropic Fund

Muriel McNevins Fund

Wallace Meissner Fund

Robert Merrill ScholarshipFund

Barbara Rose Miller Fund

Wahnetah B. and Maurice P. Moffatt Fund

Ellen M. Mullin Fund

P – T

Donald and Leila Pouttu Fund

Lucile H. Reno Fund

Agnes M. Reuter Fund

Frank and Helen Rugg Memorial Fund

Dennison Rusinow Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kiernan Schoonmaker MemorialFund

Kiernan Schoonmaker Outstanding Educator of the Year AwardFund

John and Linda Shim Philanthropic Fund

Florence Stillwell Fund

Mildred Stribling Fund

Aneta L. Thomas Fund

Margaret Craig Thompson Memorial Fund

Bernice S. Tilton Memorial Fund

Theodore and Marian Tonne Fund

Wilbur O. and Doris Mildred Townsend Fund

V – Z

Marjorie B. Vary Fund

Violet Wakefield Fund

Ferne M. Waldman Fund

Barbara H. Williams Fund

Betty Hayes Wilson Fund

Walter Zimmerman Fund

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