Grants and Distributions

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) is changing lives and improving the quality of life in Pinellas County through grants to a variety of nonprofit organizations. The diversity of nonprofit agencies and the causes PCF supports are a reflection of the deep and broad-ranging charitable visions shared by benevolent PCF donors like you.

The Pinellas Community Foundation provides grants to carefully vetted 501(c)(3) nonprofit agencies right here in our community that support:

  • Affordable housing initiatives
  • Youth and families
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Women’s issues
  • People with disabilities
  • College scholarships
  • Arts, education, and cultural enrichment programs
  • Childhood hunger

Grant Informational Webinar

Watch an updated webinar for 2019-20 Capital Improvement & Equipment Grants by clicking here.

Funding Priorities

The PCF Board of Governors has identified four core areas as priorities to be considered in this funding process:


Improving Health

  • Access to healthcare
  • Access to behavioral health

Advancing Education

  • Providing scholarships
  • Outreach and community education
  • Educational programming
  • Literacy
  • Early learning

Promoting Arts and Culture

  • Improve cultural awareness
  • Enhance public access to arts

Enhancing Quality of Life

  • Aging
  • Access to affordable housing
  • Financial assistance programming
  • Food security
  • Homelessness
  • Access to justice
  • Access to resources
  • Trauma

Grant Funding Tiers

Operating Grants funding request amounts will be based upon organizational operating budget size which serves Pinellas County and is not inclusive of major one-time or non-routine capital expenditures.

Organizations with budgets less than $500,000 may seek up to $10,000, but the average grant will be $5,000.
Organizations with budgets between $500,000 to $2,500,000 may seek up to $10,000.
Organizations with budgets greater than $2,500,000 may seek up to $20,000, but the average grant will be $15,000.

PCF will continue to fund Capital Improvement and Equipment grants up to $20,000.

Application Format and Access

Grant applications are based on storytelling, as our goal is to tell the stories of our community. Who can better tell the story of our communities than the organizations that work with them?

Access to the online application system can be found by clicking the APPLY NOW link at the bottom of this page.

Questions and Deadline

Questions regarding application content will only be answered up to one week before the application deadline. After this point, only technology-related questions regarding the grants platform will be answered.

If you have any questions or technological problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to PCF staff. Please see the table below to view specific deadlines for each type of grant. Do not wait until the last week to begin the application.

Applications must be submitted by the date listed below in the informational table. Only online submissions are accepted. Please remember to click the submit button prior to the deadline. Applications in the system that are not submitted will be marked abandoned at the deadline.

Pinellas Community Foundation Grant Programs

Operating Grants
Capital Improvement and Equipment Grants
Janet A. Huntley Arts Enrichment for Youth Grant
Theodore and Marian Tonne Grant for Cultural Outreach
Cathleen W. Grant Environmental Grant
Cathleen W. Grant Public Communications Grant
Faith Mission Fund
Childhood Hunger
Senior Citizens Services

Granting Process

Donor giving translates to supporting Pinellas County needs through grants for a range of human services and cultural arts. Please see the new grant-making requirements and application process described below.

General Application and Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be a 501(c)(3) organization
  2. Physical presence must be in Pinellas County
  3. All funds must be spent in Pinellas County
  4. Incorporated and operating for a minimum of one year
  5. Application completed online
  6. Overview of agency mission and operations, number of clients served per month or year
  7. Overview of intent and impact for use of fund
  8. Photos from completed work or supported program
  9. All funding is awarded on a competitive basis regardless of historical funding awards and based upon direct service
  10. Funds may not be requested for previously completed projects
  11. Must agree to acknowledge Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) in external communication (see “Minimum Required Acknowledgments”) and submit impact report
  12. Animal welfare organizations, hospitals, schools, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) and foundations are not eligible to apply
  13. Organizations with multiple programs or sub-organizations can only submit one application in each of Operating and Capital

Minimum Required Acknowledgements

The following acknowledgements/actions must be completed after the awarding of a grant:

  1. PCF logo must be posted on grantee website with link to: (new website address and new logo)
  2. The new PCF logo must appear on collateral, letterhead and other external marketing materials that feature sponsors (where appropriate). You will be given a copy of the PCF logo.
  3. Opportunity to present to the nonprofit agency’s board of directors regarding partnerships and opportunities with PCF
  4. Provide up to 3 PCF board members and/or staff with an annual tour of facilities
  5. Completion of an Impact Report, submitted one year from receipt of grant distribution
  6. Exceptions to the requirements must be made in writing with or before application
  Eligibility Max Funding Application Timeline Award Notification Payout Project Timeline

Operating 2019-20

All but animal welfare Varies 6/1/19– 6/30/19 1/10/20 1/15/20 1/1/20–
Capital Improvement 2019-2020 All but animal welfare $20,000 7/1/19– 7/31/19 12/15/19 12/30/19 1/1/20–
Cultural Education & Outreach 2019-20
Janet A. Huntley Music and Arts Public Education By invitation only $10,000 3/1/19–
5/15/19 6/14/19 10/1/19–
Theodore and Marian Tonne Grant for Cultural Outreach By invitation only $5,000 3/1/19–
5/15/19 6/14/19 10/1/19–
Other Areas of Interest 2019-20
Faith Mission By invitation only $10,000 9/4/19–
12/15/19 12/31/19 1/1/19–
Environmental Grant Alternating Years $3,500 7/1/20–
12/15/20 12/31/20 1/1/21–
Public Communications Alternating Years $3,500 7/3/19–
12/15/19 12/31/19 1/1/20–
Senior Citizens Services
Housing 501(c)(3) Up to $12,000 1/1/19-1/31/19 2/15/19 3/19/19* 4/1/19-3/30/20
Wellness 501(c)(3) Up to $12,000  4/1/19-4/30/19 5/15/19 6/18/19* 7/1/19-6/30/20
Senior Support Services 501(c)(3) Up to $15,000 10/1/19-10/31/19 11/22/19 12/17/19* 1/1/20-12/31/20


*Senior Citizen Services grant checks are presented at an awards ceremony. For more details, please see the Senior Citizens Services page here


Program Evaluation

The appropriate board of governors’ grant committee reviews each application. Applications will be reviewed based on these criteria:

Clear Story: We use a unique storytelling application to better understand who is served by your organization and how you can help. We want to make sure you understand your clients’ challenges and your role in helping.

Need: Your request for funds must be a reasonable solution to the problem you identify in your story, and you should have data or research to show that your improvement is a natural fit to address the need.

Solution: Strong leadership, clear and measurable outcomes, and a coherent plan for your proposed project are all crucial elements to a good application.

Financials: We want to be sure that all proposed projects are financially sound. Strong applications will have a reasonable, cost-sensitive budget with achievable outcomes that display all sources of funding. If there are budget variances, they should be explained.


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