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Professional Advisors (PAs) — the lawyers, financial planners and accountants who help us navigate through all our personal and business domains, are vital to community philanthropy. Many PAs will raise the topic of planned giving when creating an estate plan. The giving plan may be to the community, an alma mater or the hospice organization that cared for a loved one. PAs help find the best answers to fulfill giving wishes.

To recognize the important role of the PA in bettering the community, Pinellas Community Foundation is pleased to introduce the INSPIRE Award. Since the inception of Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF), the following Professional Advisors have made a significant difference in the lives of others in Pinellas County. They’ve demonstrated their commitment to giving of themselves as well as helping their clients realize their philanthropic aspirations through PCF.

Pinellas Community Foundation is pleased to name Sandra Diamond as the first recipient of the INSPIRE Award for her dedication to strengthening the community by generously giving of herself and assisting her clients in fulfilling their philanthropic passions.

INSPIRE Champions


Harry S. Cline, Esq.

Ray Wheeler


Thomas R. Bruckman, Esq.

Byron Smith, CPA

Carleton Weidemeyer, Esq.

Jerry Young


Sandra Diamond, Esq.

Michael G. Howatt

John R. Kessinger

Bruce R. McManus, Esq.


David Barshel

Peter Bazzini

Colleen Dauterman

William F. Papenfuss III

Alan Gassman, Esq.

Marvin Guthrie, Esq.

Becky Haygood, Esq.

Richard Hitt, Esq.

James Lashbrook

Michael Little, Esq.

John Locke, Esq.

Bruce Marger, Esq.

Margaret McGowan

John Pecarek, Esq.

Ralph Richards, Esq.

Frank Rief, Esq.

Bruce Taylor, Esq.

Wilber Van Scoik, CPA

Orin Yarbrough, CPA


John E.M. Ellis, Esq.

Ed Evan

Fred Fisher, CPA

Charles George, Esq.

Vickie Hamatani

Harry Jamieson, CPA

Tom Rezanka, Esq.

Gilbert Rooth, Esq.

Janet K. Rosenquist, CPA


David Abelson, CFP

Mike Bollenback, CPA

Edward Ford

John Frazer, Esq.

Timothy Miller

Mary Mitchell

Laura Papasergi

Julie Scales, Esq.

Kiernan Schoonmaker, Esq.

James Shaffer, Esq.

Gwyneth Stanley, Esq.


John R. Bonner, Esq.

Mark Brandt, Esq.

Mary A. Brazier

John Freeborn, Esq.

Nate Goad, MBA, CFP, CLU, CWS

Richard Green, Esq.

Stephen D. Hughes

Christin Conley Keane, Esq.

Tim Mariani, Esq.

Cynthia Orozco, Esq.

Bill Reischman, Esq.

Bill Repper

Donna Scott

Up to $99,999

Louis Adcock, Esq.

D.W. “Bill” Foster, Esq.

Terese Gaffney

William Gilkey, Esq.

Charlie Hilleboe, Esq.

Guy Kennedy, Esq.

Ken Klespies

Emil C. Marquardt Jr., Esq.

Larry Meyer, Esq.

Mark Middlebrook

Dan Miller

Dennis P. Thompson, Esq.

Joseph Pippen, Esq.

Robert Shaver, Esq.

Jana Shriver

David Sietsma, CPA

Marian Y. Stiner


Tom Bruckman, Esq.

Colleen Dauteman

Dennis DeLoach III, Esq.

Ed Evans

Linda Griffin, Esq.

Michael Howatt

David Carl Levenreich, Esq.

Vickie Lyman

Bruce McManus, Esq.

Charles F. Reischman, Esq.

Robert Wills Jr., Esq.