Operating Grants

Award: Up to $25,000. LOI Window: Closed  Award Distribution: January 2022.
Candidates: 501(c)(3) charities directly serving the people of Pinellas County.


The nuts and bolts costs for projects and programs at your organization can be hard to cover when grant funds are restrictive and come with a long list of conditions. With general operating grants from Pinellas Community Foundation, you can put funds to work in the way your organization knows best, and in the way that will meet your clients’ challenges head-on.


You are eligible to apply for an operating grant if your organization:

  • Has 501(c)(3) status under the code of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and has had such status for one calendar year at the time of application
  • Has a physical presence in Pinellas County
  • Will only spend funds within Pinellas County
  • Fits within the focus areas identified by the PCF Board of Governors
  • Is a direct service provider
  • Has been operational AND providing direct services/programs for at least 1 year prior to application

Hospitals, schools (including colleges and universities), animal welfare organizations, houses of worship, governments, continuing care retirement communities, and foundations are ineligible to apply, regardless of tax status.

Organizations with multiple programs or sub-organizations may only submit one application.

If you have received a grant from PCF before, non-compliance with the requirements of those grants, such as failing to use PCF’s logo on marketing materials or not completing follow-up reports, will have a negative impact on your application.

Operating grants are not meant to be used for large equipment or capital purchases. PCF has a separate grant program for these purchases, which you can read more about here.

Award Amounts

Operating Grants funding request amounts will be based upon organizational operating budget size which serves Pinellas County and is not inclusive of major one-time or non-routine capital expenditures.

Organizations with budgets of less than $500,000 may seek up to $15,000.

Organizations with budgets between $500,000 to $2,500,000 may seek up to $20,000.

Organizations with budgets greater than $2,500,000 may seek up to $25,000.

Due to the extremely competitive nature of operating grants, your organization may not receive its full request.

Important Dates

Application Timeline

The 2021-22 General Operating Grant Letter of Intent (LOI) will open on August 1, 2021. The deadline for the LOI is August 18, 2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Organizations whose LOIs are chosen to move onto the full proposal stage will be notified on September 1, 2021. Full applications will be due on September 30, 2021 by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Award Distribution

Announcements about operating grants will be made at the beginning of January 2022 with checks to approved grantees to follow shortly thereafter.

Review Criteria

Letters of Intent will be reviewed on the basis of programmatic and strength of outcomes.

Full proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Clear Story: PCF uses a unique storytelling application to better understand who is served by your organization and how you can help. We want to make sure you understand your clients’ challenges, and your organization’s role in helping.

Need: Your request for funds must be a reasonable solution to the problem you identify in your story, and you should have data or research to show that your improvement is a natural fit to address the need.

Solution: Strong leadership, clear and measurable outcomes, and a coherent plan for your proposed project are all crucial elements to a good application.

Financials: We want to be sure that all proposed projects are financially sound. Strong applications will have a reasonable, cost-sensitive budget with achievable outcomes that display all sources of funding. If there are budget variances, they should be explained.

Grant Conditions

If awarded an operating grant from PCF, your organization agrees to:

  • Properly accredit PCF through use of the most recent logo on:
    • Organization website with a link to https://pinellascf.org
    • Collateral, letterhead, and other external marketing material that feature sponsors (where appropriate)
  • Grant PCF the opportunity to visit your board of directors regarding partnerships and further opportunities with PCF
  • Provide up to 3 PCF board members and/or staff with a tour of facilities at once during the project period
  • Provide photos from the supported program/work

Any exceptions to these conditions must be made in writing by both PCF and your organization before you submit your application.

Application Format and Access

PCF has transitioned to a two-step application process. The Letter of Intent process for this year has closed and will reopen in summer 2022.

Organizations were notified on September 1, 2021 as to whether PCF would like to see a full proposal. The deadline for full applications is September 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM. Full proposals will require the story of a client served, financial documents such as the Form 990 and audit (if available), board information, and demographic details of their organization and clients.

Access to the online application system can be found by clicking the APPLY NOW link on this page during the application period.

Questions and Deadline

Questions regarding application content will only be answered up to one week before the application deadline. After this point, only technology-related questions regarding the grants platform will be answered.

If you have any questions or technological problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to PCF staff. Please see Important Dates above to view grant deadlines. Do not wait until the last week to begin the application.

Applications must be submitted during the application period. Only online submissions are accepted. Please remember to click the submit button prior to the deadline. Applications in the system that are not submitted will be marked abandoned at the deadline.


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