Community Assessment Survey of Older Adults

What is the Community Assessment Survey of Older Adults?

The Community Assessment Survey of Older Adults, or CASOA, is a printed survey that was sent to 10,000 randomly selected households across every Pinellas and Pasco zip code in which at least one resident was known to be aged 60 and over. The Pinellas Community Foundation and the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas joined forces to conduct this comprehensive needs assessment of the area’s aging community.

Putting the Results of CASOA to Work

Learn more about the progress and concerns of our aging community. Below you’ll find reports for different geographies. We invite you to take a deep dive into the report most relevant to you. Together, we can embark on creating solutions.

Pasco-Pinellas Results

Pasco-Pinellas Summary

Pasco-Pinellas Summary

Pasco-Pinellas Full Report

Pasco-Pinellas Full Report

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Duggan Cooley


Pinellas County Results

Countywide Report

Clearwater Report

St. Petersburg Report

Pasco County Results

Countywide Report

Dade City Report

New Port Richey Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your organizations doing this?

Nearly 30% of residents in Pinellas and Pasco counties are over 60 years old. This assessment is critical to determining if we are preparing correctly to support the growing number of residents who are over 60 as their needs change. There hasn’t been a comprehensive needs assessment done like this before.

What are the goals of the survey?

The goal of the assessment is to gather direct feedback from residents aged 60 and over to identify unmet needs. The CASOA seeks feedback about overall community quality, current services in the community, participation in activities, health and wellness, design and land use, and disaster preparedness.

A return rate of 6% was initially anticipated. A total of 2,200 completed surveys was received, which is a 22% response — a statistically significant response rate.

How did this survey come about?

In January 2018, the Pinellas Community Foundation convened a group of over 15 community organizations and experts in the field of aging to identify the needs of senior residents. Out of those meetings grew consensus to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of our aging community. The CASOA is an outcome of this work.  The CASOA steering committee has involvement from the following:

  • Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas
  • City of Clearwater
  • City of Dade City
  • City of New Port Richey
  • City of St. Petersburg
  • Pasco County Government
  • Pasco County Health Department
  • Pinellas Community Foundation
  • Pinellas County Health Department
  • Pinellas County Human Services

What was the cost of the survey and who provided the funding?

The survey cost $68,130. Initial funding was provided by the Pinellas Community Foundation. To expand outreach, the cities of Clearwater, Dade City, New Port Richey and St. Petersburg, as well as Pasco County Government, and Pinellas County Government contributed to the funding. Additionally, support was provided by the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas.

How was the survey conducted and what was the schedule?

Developed by the National Research Center (NRC), the CASOA has been administered in other places around the country. Data returned from the survey of local residents will be benchmarked against other communities nationwide.

Surveys were sent the week of April 8. Residents received a postcard in advance as well as instructions (in both English and Spanish) with the survey. The survey was mailed in English and available online in Spanish. Data collection was completed in early summer 2019. In addition to the blind mailed survey, three focus groups were conducted by request — two in Dade City and one in New Port Richey. While the focus group data falls outside of the CASOA, that data will be considered when planning for future needs of residents in Dade City and New Port Richey. The draft report outlining the results of the survey was provided in July 2019. Final results and a plan of action will be rolled out in Fall 2019.

What were the findings?

The draft report of the CASOA survey results describe Pinellas County as a livable community for older adults within nine community dimensions:

  • Overall Community
  • Health and Wellness
  • Housing
  • Outdoor Spaces and Building
  • Transportation and Streets
  • Social Participation, Inclusion and Education
  • Volunteer and Civic Engagement
  • Job Opportunities
  • Community Information.

The extent to which older adults experience difficulties and problems within these dimensions is also described.

What will be done with the findings?

The survey has been included in AAAPP’s strategic plan to identify and begin to address the unmet needs of seniors and their caregivers with services that are not already funded by the federal and state governments. The direct resident feedback will be incorporated into the workplans of local government agencies, foundations and nonprofit organizations serving our area’s aging population.


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