Success Stories

Discover more inspiring success stories your generosity made possible by visiting the Pinellas Community Foundation news page.

Dunedin Fine Art Center, Wheels on Wheels Program

A well-rounded arts education can help children practice creative thinking, learn problem solving and apply focus and concentration as they master a new skill. That’s the premise behind a unique art experience that is free for Pinellas County school children.

You Gave Shannon and Her Three Children Shelter

Trapped in an abusive marriage, The Haven of RCS offered Shannon Turner and her three young children not only a safe place to live but also the support and encouragement to create a stable and healthier future for her family.
“I don’t know how we would survive as an agency without the support of the Pinellas Community Foundation. For me, it’s as critical as my being able to sleep at night.”
Sandra Lyth

CEO, Intercultural Advocacy Institute