Your Help Is Needed Now

The PCF Needed Now Fund was created to address our community’s changing needs as we advance through the healing process since COVID-19. The dollars you give help grant funds to local charities that attend to the community’s immediate needs.

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Our Recovery Is Ongoing

As we figure out how to move forward from the pandemic, one thing we know: neighbors, family, friends, and municipalities are anxious to return to the life we knew before COVID-19. We need good health, a safe place to live, employment, and our kids at school learning with friends.

Pinellas Community Foundation is committed to addressing the changing needs of our community as we advance through the healing process of the pandemic. Your help is still needed to resolve issues like food insecurity, restoring education, keeping people in their homes, and more. That’s why we’ve created the PCF Needed Now Fund.
You can help your local charities by giving today. Any amount helps. Choose where you would like to send your gift and 100% of your donation will make an immediate impact in the community you select.

All charities are carefully vetted for their proven record of delivering on their promises.

When our community works together toward a common goal, nothing is impossible. Duggan Cooley, CEO of PCF

You Can Make It Happen

The answer starts with the Pinellas Community Foundation Needed Now Fund. The fund was created to address our community’s changing needs as we advance through the healing process. The dollars you give help grant funds to local charities that attend to the community’s immediate needs.

Feed the Hungry throughout our community regardless of age.

Families in the Tampa Bay Area are struggling to put food on their tables during the continuing pandemic. Older adults, the unemployed and underemployed, students at school or at home, and even preschool children are food insecure — in numbers not seen before. The PCF Needed Now Fund will help local food banks, food pantries, and other nonprofits provide food to all in need.

Prevent Evictions by working with legal support services bringing landlords and tenants together to resolve disputes.

If you or a loved one are worried about evictions, you are not alone. Between the loss of health and employment, renters throughout Tampa Bay struggle to pay monthly expenses.

Gulfcoast Legal Services is a Pinellas-based nonprofit legal firm and long-time grant recipient of Pinellas Community Foundation that is currently working with local renters to avoid eviction. According to the small business research firm AdvisorSmith, 15.6% of Floridian renters were at risk of eviction in January and February of this year, while 8.4% is the average for evictions nationwide.

The PCF Needed Now Fund will support Tampa Bay nonprofits to help tenants, landlords, area businesses, nonprofits, and our greater community navigate this challenge.

Revive Education to get our students back in the classroom for a better learning experience.

In a recent press release from the American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP President Dr. Lee Savio Beers said the following:

“Children absolutely need to return to in-school learning for their healthy development and well-being, and so, safety in schools and in the community must be a priority.

“We know that some children are really suffering without the support of in-person classroom experiences or adequate technology at home. We need to prioritize the funding needed to accommodate safety measures, such as improving ventilation systems and providing personal protective equipment for teachers and staff.”

Feeding the hungry, providing legal help for evictions, and reviving education is just the beginning. The focus for the PCF Needed Now Fund will change as the community heals. PCF will review the varied areas of need and refocus support as the community progresses through its recovery to a better place than we were before COVID-19.