ACT II: Behind the Studio Door – Studio Chaos

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Arts | 0 comments

Crazy days here in my studio. Preparing for any show is anxiety-producing no matter how well organized one is – well, at least for me. I have been working for several months on a number of pieces for the upcoming Pinellas Community Foundation’s “Festivale 50” event (next Friday, Feb. 22, just in case you haven’t heard).

Two works are specific to the theme of “Aging in Place.” In addition, I’ve been honored with two large walls on which to hang any of my other artwork. Needless to say, the pressure has been on. While I have plenty of pieces to show, it has been important to go through them all to make sure each is in showable condition – edges need to be touched up, wiring checked, an extra wax coat here or a change there. One older piece has been further developed. There are new pieces, too, that I have been working on to include.

Now that my delivery dates are within sight things are a bit chaotic, as the photos show. I have several projects in various stages of wrapping up and others boxed and ready. The good news is that it’s a lot like a messy desk – stick your head around my studio door and it looks like an obstacle course, but I know where everything is.

I hope to see you next Friday for what will be an extraordinary day!

To all good things that come out of chaos,