A Trusted Partnership: Pinellas Community Foundation & Crabby Bill’s Family Brands

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Since 1969, Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) has developed a deep understanding of the local community’s needs and the most effective ways to address them. A wealth of knowledge of the nonprofit organizations in the county provides the basis of tailored solutions for businesses seeking a positive social impact without compromising core operations. One such business is Crabby Bill’s Family Brands, known for its popular restaurants as diverse as The Original Crabby Bill’s, Bon Appetit, Jake’s Coastal Cantina, and Pipo N Betty’s Bakery. Co-owner Maria Loder finds that PCF is a valuable partner in achieving the company’s charitable vision.

The Original Crabby Bill's Family Brands

For Maria, doing good is deeply rooted in her upbringing. Her parents, Pipo and Betty, who were political refugees from Cuba, instilled in her the value of giving back to the community. “When they came into this country,” Maria recounts, “people had to unite. We all came together to help each other. My dad would go, and whomever had a need for something to be fixed, he would do that.” Witnessing her father’s selflessness ignited her desire to make a positive difference. When her mother-in-law, Delores Loder, died in 2000, many people shared stories of her altruism. “She gave me a down payment on my home; she bought me a car. I knew none of that,” until the funeral, Maria recounts, ”because my mother-in-law, she just did it.”

Crabby for a Cause was born when Maria’s daughter Mia raised money for childhood leukemia. The name reflects the family’s commitment to charitable endeavors while maintaining their signature Crabby Bill’s brand. “It pretty much says everything that we want. The Crabby Bill’s name is the Crabby Family,” says Maria. As the company expanded, the requests for fundraisers and donations increased. Maria experienced the growing pains of balancing day-to-day operations and her family’s commitment to community involvement.

Recognizing the need for assistance in managing their philanthropic efforts, Maria’s tax accountant recommended partnering with Pinellas Community Foundation. PCF’s expertise in philanthropy, seamless reporting, and administrative support has allowed Maria and her team to focus on their business while making a meaningful impact in the community. PCF’s ability to meet their needs without establishing a private family foundation intrigued Maria, leading her to forge a partnership. This collaboration has proven to be a game-changer for Crabby for a Cause.

“One of the most treasured things from working with Pinellas Community Foundation is the ability to hear all kinds of stories and the impact made possible in the community,” Maria explains. “I derive a lot of energy from that. I have been so happy working with you. It’s just everything that I needed help with.”

Maria believes that philanthropy is not limited to financial resources. She thinks everyone has something to offer, whether it’s time, skills, or advocacy. “I think, for me, it’s just a way to give back to the community you live in and the people you work with. On a broader level, everything trickles down. What we do in our community, our cities, states — it all ties together.”

Maria’s energy and enthusiasm for giving back are fueled by staying connected with like-minded individuals. By immersing herself in conversations with community leaders and learning about their missions, she remains passionate about her philanthropic journey. Today, her philanthropic efforts primarily focus on women, children, dysautonomia, mental health, human trafficking awareness, and animal welfare.

As Crabby Bill’s Family Brands enters its third generation, Maria and her husband, Matthew, are dedicated to instilling a sense of community involvement in their children. By involving them in the business’s charitable initiatives and encouraging dialogue about social issues, they aim to create a lasting legacy of giving back.

PCF’s partnership with Crabby Bill’s Family Brands exemplifies how businesses can enhance their community impact with expert guidance, fiscal oversight, and administrative management. Maria Loder’s journey highlights the power of collaboration to support Pinellas County’s progress, foster positive change, and improve the lives of those in need. We’re grateful for how much Crabby for a Cause cares and wish the Crabby Bill’s family continued success in its business and philanthropic impact.

Partner With Pinellas Community Foundation

If your business is ready to create a more caring culture through philanthropy, Pinellas Community Foundation would be happy to assist you with options. To explore a partnership, contact Director of Donor and Advisor Relations Leigh Davis.