Social Justice Fund: XO Factor Helps Give Second Chances to Returning Citizens

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XO Factor Inc. (XOF) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded with a mission to create a culture of second chances for returning citizens by assisting men, women, children, and families to rebuild their lives after incarceration. The Social Justice Fund helped create a new website and marketing materials to help them spread their reach to even more returning citizens in the Tampa Bay region.

Founded by Bethany McNeil in 2015, XO Factor has helped more than 600 people return home and rebuild their lives, reconnect with their families, and prepare to rejoin the labor market.

XO Factor helps returning citizens locate the necessary resources that will assist them in attaining their basic, day-to-day needs, including assisting them in finding housing, transitional benefits, and healthcare assistance.

Through its job readiness support program, XOF helps men and women brush up on former skills and activities that will help place them back in the labor force.

XO Factor offers vital work skills training, like how to write a cover letter and resume, basic computer skills, and presentation preparedness through mock job interviews. XO Factor stays with them up until 90 days after they land a job — and our 86% success rate proves our services work.

As well as holding Community Block Parties like the upcoming One Dream, One Bag Block Party and Backpack Giveaway, holding job placement and work readiness seminars, and holding annual Christmas Giveaways for families of incarcerated and returning citizens, XOF is currently working on opening the XO Factor Re-entry House, which will offer temporary homes for those recently released from incarceration.

For more information, visit the XO Factor website.

Social Justice Fund Supports Second Chances

The Social Justice Fund at Pinellas Community Foundation has been a valuable resource for our community. Contact the Social Justice Fund for more information or to apply for support.