Social Justice Fund Sponsored Workshops and Training Events

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Marketing Workshop

Social Justice Fund’s J.A. Morton-Jones held an informational workshop for Deuces Live affiliate members on June 20, 2019, to discuss Pinellas Community Foundation’s available grants and the Social Justice Fund services for small nonprofits.

Learning To Tell Your Story

During the workshop, Jones shared information on free advertising through platforms Google My Business and Yelp. Members were advised to visit and update the Guidestar information, and together shared tips on developing impactful stories about their work.

Elevator Pitches

Da’juh Sawyer and Dontreal Fletcher practiced giving their short elevator pitch and longer impact statements before audiences. By sharing their stories among the group, participants were able to identify the key information necessary to communicate each organization’s story, impact, and programming to funders.

Top-Notch Grant-Writing Training

Dr. Barbara Morrison-Rodriguez of BMR Consulting, LLC will be held a full-day training on Thursday, August 22, leading participants through a step-by-step process to completing an online grant.

Data, Data, Data

Dr. Morrison-Rodriguez brought expert insight based on 15 years of conducting program evaluation and training, as well as capacity building for over 800 non-profit organizations. The Social Justice Fund was on board to provide information for recipients, organize communication, and offer onsite support during the day of training.

Social Justice Fund Trains Entrepreneurs How To Market

The Social Justice Fund at Pinellas Community Foundation has been a valuable resource for our community. Contact the Social Justice Fund for more information or to apply for support.