Preserving History (Digitally): The Kellogg Mansion

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Community, Philanthropy | 0 comments

The community is coming together, combining history and technology to preserve the Kellogg Mansion (aka Villa Marina) in Dunedin. Community contributions of $26,560 completed the first tier of this one-of-a-kind project.

Completing this campaign phase allows for onsite photography, digital data collection, and procuring previous photography licensing of the mansion, ground, dock, and waterfront. From there, the goal is to bring an enhanced immersive experience of educational and historical stories from throughout the mansion estate to the Dunedin History Museum.

After exhaustively pursuing all possibilities of physical preservation, local community volunteers, experts, and donors have been working together to complete this unique campaign. The cost in the millions of obtaining available land, moving the 18-inch masonry walled buildings, renovation, operations, staffing, and maintenance was simply unfeasible. The answer to preserving this remarkable piece of history lies in the use of 3D technology, which is a fraction of the cost of physical preservation.

Donations are still needed from the community to support two other, more complex phases, which could add more historical elements to the eventual immersive exhibit. Your contribution helps ensure the heart of the past is not lost, even if its physical remnants can’t be preserved. For additional information about the project and to join the growing list of supporters, visit

Villa Marina a.k.a. the Kellogg Mansion in Dunedin, FL