PCF Social Opportunity Works Fund Grants Help Young Kings & Queens Expand Services

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Young Kings & Queens College Prep and Mentoring prepares African American youth in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County for a future after high school. The organization provides students with opportunities to attain postsecondary education and career planning.

Through mentoring, academic advising, literacy activities, scholarships, SAT and ACT prep, college application seminars, community service, team building, unity, counseling groups, career readiness programs, job-skills training, and college tours, youth are encouraged to explore some paths to postsecondary school success.

Founded by Javaris Green, a sixth-year high school counselor at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Florida, Young Kings & Queens College Prep Inc. focuses on high school youth ages 14-18.
Through Young Kings & Queens, Javaris assisted over 100 students in obtaining postsecondary education readiness, enlisting in the military, or enrolling in technical schools. At least 70% of students who received assistance attend a college or university, 20% enrolled in technical school, and 10% enlisted in the military. “Preexposing students to their postsecondary options increases the likelihood of the student following through with their plan,” Javaris noted.

PCF SOW grants have supported Young Kings & Queens in scholarships and out-of-state college tours to Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Valdosta State University in Georgia, and Santa Fe College in Florida.

Young Kings & Queens has been taking students on college tours in Florida for a while, but the funds received from the Social Opportunity Works Fund allowed us to attend our first out-of-state tour. It was something that we have been trying to do to service the needs of the youth in our organization, but it was financially impossible.

We were able to attend Valdosta State University in Georgia and Santa Fe College in Florida. The kids had an amazing experience and were able to meet some of our former students who were in our program and are now attending VSU.

The Social Opportunity Works Fund helped 50 high school youth attend a college visit; they probably would not have had the opportunity to visit a college if it weren’t for the grant. Not only that; some youth went out of the state for the first time in their life. We truly appreciate all that you have done for our youth and thank you for giving us an opportunity to receive the funds and blessing the youth of St. Petersburg. Javaris Green, Young King & Queens Director

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