CARIFESTA Receives SOW Grant for Community Podcast Hub

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CARIFESTA expands its reach with the help of a $25,000 PCF Social Opportunity Works Fund grant used to create a podcast studio. For over 20 years, CARIFESTA has provided Tampa Bay communities with education, information, news reporting, and various social services.

Caribbean Festival Association (CARIFESTA) has been serving Tampa Bay communities by providing education, information, news reporting, and a variety of social services for over 20 years.
Executive Director Donald Jackson shares, “One of my concerns is that the communities are never fully informed about what’s happening around them, and unless you have the media — whether it’s in print or electronics — then they’re still going to be uneducated on what’s going on. So, to me, the media is important to inform the public. A lot of people still don’t understand what is available in their location, where they are able to tap into those resources. I see the media as a very important way of informing to get the words out, to see or educate about what they can get access to.”

The radio station shares shows covering legal topics, immigration, mental health and wellness, and topics related to Caribbean communities across Tampa Bay. There is a children’s radio and journalism educational component through the Youth Explosion 99 JAMS Magazine program, where, says Donald, “We allow children the opportunity to come on the radio and learn journalism hands-on.”

At the radio station, Donald, a math instructor, also holds tutoring sessions, sponsors community fundraisers, hosts holiday giveaways for children, and gives other providers space to offer community support services.

Recently the PCF Social Opportunity Works Fund awarded CARIFESTA $25,000 to build a podcast studio at the radio station headquarters.

Donald feels that podcasting offers the community a powerful way to bring forward the issues that are important to them. “We want a window, to provide a platform [where community members] are sharing information, talking about what they’re passionate about. So, the podcast is designed for that purpose.”

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