Alleviating Food Insecurity Among Our Youngest Residents

by | Feb 5, 2020 | St Pete Gives | 0 comments

For over 75 years, Community Preschool has focused on helping children 2-5 years old gain a healthy start on their education. Although everyone is welcome, the majority of the students hail from low-income families who face food insecurity. Providing a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack is a critical component of Community Preschool’s efforts to nourish the young minds of growing toddlers.

“It’s extremely important that the kids have good nutrition while they’re here because I honestly don’t know what they’re eating or if they’re eating when they get home,” explained Community Preschool Executive Director Mary Gray.

Thanks to generous donor support, Gray’s team goes above and beyond to meet the individual nutritional needs of each student. The Community Preschool kitchen wall is covered with notices of children with food allergies and dietary restrictions. “If they need goat milk, we go out and buy them goat milk. The staff considers it very important that parents don’t worry about those kinds of things when entrusting them with their child’s care.

“Without the help of generous PCF donors, we would not be able to keep our kitchen going. When I took over as executive director, we had sinks in the kitchen that were basically being held up by the plumbing, because the countertops were in such disrepair.”

Gray and her team ensure all food is fresh and never wasted. Leftover food is often sent home with families to help provide nutritious dinners.


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