Stand Up for Change Scholarship Fund

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much has been raised so far for the new scholarship?


What’s the total funding goal?

$200,000 (providing an average of $10,000/year in scholarship support).

How many individual scholarships can be funded?

For every $25,000 raised, the scholarship will generate approximately $1,250 in scholarship support annually.

How will the scholarship be awarded?

The scholarships will be awarded based on the decision of an independent committee which will review applications and make recommendations for awards.

What will a scholarship pay for?

The scholarship can be used to pay for traditional educational expenses with a focus on paying tuition and textbook costs. All scholarship payments will be made locally to the chosen educational institution of the student, as specified in their application.

Can you provide more details about how the fund will address systemic change for domestic violence survivors and people of color in the criminal justice system?

The desire to maintain power and control over another person is at the heart of both domestic violence and racism. In order to bring about change within our criminal justice system, it is important to provide pathways to access education and training for people who have lived experience with domestic violence or racism. Bringing this lived experience into education and ultimately a career in criminal justice allow our systems a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play in domestic violence and racism. The idea behind this scholarship is to change systems from the inside out.