Grant Agency Resources

The Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) is excited and proud to partner with our local nonprofit organizations to offer additional resources to our community. All organizations that receive a PCF grant are required to recognize the Pinellas Community Foundation as a sponsor. Below is information on how to use the PCF logo for this purpose, as well as links to download logo files. 

Should any questions arise, please contact Leigh Davis.

Minimum Required Acknowledgements

  1. The PCF logo must be posted on grantee website linking to
  2. The PCF logo must appear on collateral, letterhead and other external marketing materials that feature sponsors (where appropriate).
  3. PCF reserves the opportunity to present to the nonprofit agency’s board of directors regarding partnerships and opportunities with PCF.
  4. The grantee should provide an annual tour of their facilities to up to 3 PCF board/staff members.
  5. Exceptions to the requirements must be made in writing with or before the application.

PCF Brand Mark

The Logo

The Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) logo appears in two formats, plus options of black and white. The proportion and arrangement of the logo have been specifically determined.

The logo should never be typeset, re-created or altered, which can cause inconsistencies that dilute the logo’s impact.

Pinellas Community Foundation logo diagram indicating icon and wordmark portions.

Minimum Size

The Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) retains its visual strength in a wide range of sizes. However, when the logo is reproduced too small in print or online, it is no longer legible and its impact is diminished. The minimum size is determined by the legibility of the PCF logo. For this reason, the logo should not be reproduced in a size smaller than illustrated to the right.

Pinellas Community Foundation logo diagram of minimum allowed size.

Minimum Clear or Buffer Zones

To preserve the integrity of the PCF logo, always maintain a minimum clear space around the logo. This clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements such as other logos, copy, photography and/or background patterns that may divert attention. The minimum clear space for the PCF logo is defined as the height of group of rays within the logo (indicated by the “X” to the right). This minimum space should be maintained around the entire brand mark as the logo is proportionally enlarged and/or reduced in size. Refer to the illustration to the right for the clear zones guidelines.

Pinellas Community Foundation logo diagram with minimum clear/buffer zones.

Logo Options

Full-Color Logo

Across applications, every effort should be made to use the full-color Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) logo, on a white or contrasting background.

The logo must be on a background that provides enough contrast to be clearly legible. Use of the PCF logo on a color background must be pre-approved by PCF staff.

Any questions about logo use should be directed to the Director of Donor and Advisor Relations.

Pinellas Community Foundation logo in full-color with gray type
Pinellas Community Foundation logo in full-color with white type

One-Color Logo

Above outlines the preferred method of logo usage.

In instances where only one color is available for printing, use the one-color (black or white) options to the right.

One-Color Grayscale

The PCF logo can be printed as a tint of black for one-color applications (such as Word letterhead templates and partner publications).

One-Color Black and White

Use this simple, one-color version where gradations may not be possible (such as embossing, glass decals and embroidery).

Pinellas Community Foundation logo in grayscale
Pinellas Community Foundation logo in all black or all white
Pinellas Community Foundation logo in all black or all white

Logo Files

Click the file name in the table below to download the desired logo file.

Print Use = Process Color Print Applications (primary print option for cost-effectiveness), CMYK Colorspace
MS/Screen Use =  High Resolution, On-Screen Applications, Microsoft Applications, RGB Colorspace
Web Use = Low Resolution, Websites and Web Applications, RGB Colorspace


Asset Print Use MS/Screen Use Web Use

Full-Color Logo with Gray Type
pcf-logo20-tag1969-4c.eps pcf-logo20-tag1969-screen.png pcf-logo20-tag1969-web.png

Full-Color Logo with White Type
pcf-logo20-tag1969-wtype-4c.eps pcf-logo20-tag1969-wtype-screen.png pcf-logo20-tag1969-wtype-web.png

Grayscale Logo
pcf-logo20-tag1969-gray.eps pcf-logo20-tag1969-gray-screen.png pcf-logo20-tag1969-gray-web.png

One-Color Black Logo

One-Color White Logo    
pcf-logo20-scs-tag1969.pdf pcf-logo20-scs-tag1969-screen.png pcf-logo20-scs-tag1969-web.png

For additional formats, please contact the Director of Grants and Operations at 727-531-0058.