Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund of Tampa Bay

We are all concerned about the people of Ukraine, and we can help. As the invasion and war continue, you can take action to address the growing humanitarian crisis by donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund of Tampa Bay. This fund supports grants for humanitarian aid to meet the needs of the people of Ukraine.

Help Ukraine

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this fund help humanitarian needs?

Grants will be made from this fund for the purchase of humanitarian aid and/or to organizations addressing the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

What kinds of humanitarian aid will be made available?

Humanitarian aid will take many forms during and after this crisis. Needs will include but are not limited to food, shelter, water, medical supplies, technology, and more. These items are critical to addressing human needs. Grants will be provided to causes and organizations skilled in meeting humanitarian needs in a disaster.

How will the fund address changes in needs?

The situation in Ukraine is volatile and changes rapidly. The humanitarian needs and response will change over time. The fund will be flexible and informed by the needs of the people of Ukraine, borrowing from PCF’s expertise in disaster as well as connections to organizations/leaders who can best inform us of how distributions from the fund will be most helpful.