Financial Management

Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) holds itself accountable for fulfilling the intentions of your philanthropic investment. To PCF, meeting this obligation means a dynamic process of sound financial management and expense containment.

Comprised of Pinellas community leaders, many with estate planning expertise, the PCF board of governors and staff direct management of your assets to achieve your vision of support.

By allocating less than 2 percent of the capital budget to overhead, PCF is able to provide one of the best expense-to-asset ratios among charities in the United States. That means more of your donations go to fulfilling community needs with PCF than most charities.

Download our current audited financial statement (PDF 143kb).

Download our latest Form 990 (PDF 193kb).

Download our Form 990 2014 (PDF 1200kb).

Download our Form 990 2013 (PDF 1100kb).

Download our Form 990 2012 (PDF 2000kb).

View our current Annual Report (PDF 2MB).

View our Annual Report 2016 (PDF 1342kb).

View our Annual Report 2015 (PDF 989kb).

We welcome your call to 727-531-0058 or email us, if you have questions regarding how your generous donations are managed.